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Staircase Kits - Spiral stairs, Modular & Space saver stairs

This range of self assembly staircases include stair brand names of Arke stairs and Ehleva staircases which come in kit form so are ideal for quick delivery and home installation. We carry stock of some of the most popular designs but if we don't have the stair in stock delivery is sometimes as short as 2 to 4 weeks depending upon the model.

New grey Klan black Galvanised steel exterior Kompact U shape komoda03 kloe1 karina white kya1

Civic Spiral Stair

Kompact Staircase

Klan Spiral Stair

Kloe Spiral Stair

Zinc Spiral Stair

Kya Staircase

Karina Staircase

Komoda Staircase

From £999

Petite Spiral Stair

From £999

From £1599

From £1349

Spiral Staircase Kits -  add style and save space in any room!

Petite Full [Desktop Resolution]

Genius 020 Spiral Stair

Fusion Spiral Stair

Modular Staircase Kits -  Straight flights, L or U shape designs



Space Saving Staircase Kits -  perfect for small space or tight spaces


From £1400

From £1029

From £1998

From £1898

Solid beech with wire balustrade Vertical

Genius 010 Spiral Stair

Genius stairs 004 [Desktop Resolution] Genius stairs 017 [Desktop Resolution]

Genius 020 Stair

Genius 010 Stair

W    Wooden  





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